Yes, Your E-commerce Site Needs SEO Too

eCommerce seo

Many business owners still have not taken advantage of search engine optimization (SEO). Even those that make it part of their overall digital marketing strategy often do not do so to its full potential.

One of the most common categories of websites where this happens is in e-commerce. In fact, many e-commerce websites focus only on paid traffic. This gets them a measurable return on investment, but it misses out on a very profitable traffic channel that has the potential for truly explosive traffic gains.

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should stop ignoring search engine optimization for your e-commerce business.

3 Reasons to Stop Ignoring Your SEO

While you can probably come up with dozens of solid reasons why SEO is a must for e-commerce websites, here are three of the most important.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

If you’re not putting effort into your site’s SEO, you are not taking advantage of every opportunity you can to improve its profitability. Paid traffic can turn you a nice profit, but it is only a single channel.

There is actually a fairly large segment of the general Internet audience that doesn’t click on paid ads. Many savvy Internet users avoid them as much as possible. What that means is that unless you have optimized your site for search and show up in organic results, this segment of searchers will never even know that you exist.

In addition, there are a few other channels as well as these two primary ones you should consider including in your overall digital marketing strategy.

Paid Traffic is Pricey

You know what the biggest problem with paid advertising is? You simply cannot compete.

If your products are being sold by a large, corporate organization, then they have the full financial power of that organization behind them when it comes to competing in paid search bidding wars. Not only do they have the money to outbid smaller companies with ease, but they also have a research team to allow them to come up with keyword phrases that you might only stumble onto by accident.

The best way to compete with these large companies is to target a niche, target long-tail keywords within that niche, and outrank them for those keyword phrases using long-term SEO strategies.

SEO Snowballs

That’s the other thing to keep in mind with search engine optimization – it builds and builds like a rolling snowball until it becomes a massive force that can compete with any other company out there.

You don’t have to own a multi-million dollar company to build and rank a website in Google for profitable keyword phrases. You just need to be willing to focus on a well-designed SEO strategy and to stick to it.

Over time your SEO efforts with pay for themselves over and over again as you never lose the value of all the previous work you put in.

In Summary

The bottom line is that there are some pretty compelling reasons to initiate a search engine optimization strategy in addition to your paid search strategy.

Focusing on only one traffic channel means you are missing out on a ton of potential traffic. Also, paid search is not cheap and is only becoming more expensive and competitive each and every year. Investing in your site’s SEO has added benefit of allowing you to compete with much larger companies with massive paid advertising budgets. And, your SEO work builds upon itself month-over-month whereas once you spend money to earn a paid click, that money is gone.

If you have ignored an SEO strategy for your e-commerce business, it might be the time to reconsider your previous actions.