Essential SEO Practices Every Marketer Should Know

The digital landscape evolves at a fast pace, so, digital marketers should also keep themselves updated with current trends to stay ahead in the competition. This is essential because when it comes to creating an online presence and increase the ROI, you should be found by your customers and for this, you need to rank higher in SERPs. There is a range of ranking signals that help decide search results including link structure, keywords and time spent on site.

When you follow best SEO practices and create quality content you will be rewarded, in case you fail to do so then expect to meet the wrath of Google as the search engine always tweaks its search algorithms.

Here are few essential SEO practices that you should be aware of so that you can craft an incredible marketing strategy.

Never Abuse Keywords

Keywords are used to tell the search engines what your page is all about. A few years ago, marketers would use the same keyword over and over again in an attempt to signal to Google that they were relevant to that term and was thought of that you would be ranked higher. Well, that only lasted for a short time. Keyword stuffing makes your content low quality and dilutes ranking signals. One ranking signal that Google uses is the time on site which means the longer someone is on your site, the more Google feels it is relevant. However, if someone can’t read your content because it is stuffed with keywords it reads it as a foreign language or spam and will click off your site quickly. So, it is recommended that you use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content that you want to rank.

Don’t use Low-Quality Links

Webmasters focus more on incoming links and often forget that external links are important as well. But this shouldn’t be, you must ensure that all external links lead to quality content. Don’t just links for the sake of doing it otherwise your SEO strategy will go down the drain. Bad or broken links upset the customers and can affect your Google rankings. SEO companies in Australia ensure to choose links that are relevant, impactful and from the sites that have been around for some time. With that in mind, I will recommend that not link to content that already ranks higher for the keyword you are trying to rank.

Get your Website on AMP

You must have already heard about AMP, it is accelerated mobile pages and has been big news on the marketing scene since its debut in 2015. AMP is an open source project designed to make mobile pages load faster. AMP was introduced because more users than ever are using mobile devices to search the web and people like pages that load faster. Google is all about providing seamless user experience and will reward the sites that do just that which means that pages that use AMP are likely to rank higher. So, it is critical that your digital assets are mobile friendly. SEO agency does a speed test on your web pages so you can identify the website technicalities that slow down the loading speed.

Prepare for Google Voice Algorithms

Google voice search is growing in usage and is the future of search. Various companies have been successful in reducing its speech recognition error rate. One thing that is unique to voice search is that instead of keywords, people use conversational sentences to do research. This means that your content should be optimized for Google voice search algorithms. If you want to learn more about it and integrate it into your website then visit

The above-mentioned are few SEO practices that you need to be aware of to head down the road for better search rankings.