Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Using SEO CT businesses are ranking #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo by combining several search engine optimization strategies (SEO) from On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, new content, link building and while label SEO. Ranking highly on Google can drive traffic, leads and new eyes to your website, resulting in conversions and new business.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO involves scraping the existing meta tags from a website, analyzing them, and rewriting them based off of keywords an SEO CT client would like to rank for.

On-site SEO Process:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1 Tags
  • ALT Tags
  • URL Rewrite
  • 301 Redirects

To learn more about the On-Site SEO process, read our blog post: What is On-Site Search Engine Optimization?

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Off-Site SEO

Finding CORRECT & UPDATED information through a Google search is absolutely essential for SEO CT businesses. Whether it’s your store hours, company website, business phone number or simply photos of your business, keeping your business information updated is important for both customer experience and generating leads.

Off-Site SEO process:

  • Verify Business Listing Sites Have Correct Information
    • Google Business Page
    • Bing Business Page
    • Yelp Business Page
    • Other Listing Sites
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Keyword Research & Content Strategy

Once on-site and off-site SEO is complete, content should be addressed next. Websites need to be full of content to really rank highly within Google and Bing search results. If a site simply has links, Google will recognize it as spam, if the site has product descriptions found on drop-shipping websites (i.e. Aliexpress, Alibaba, Oberlo, etc) Google will recognize the site as spam. If the website is lacking content, the search engine will not rank the page as high as a competing page with content.

Adding content allows you to insert more keywords you would like to rank for onto a given page, in addition to giving the visitor more information.

Create or Optimize Site Content:

  • Keyword Research
  • Generate New Content Ideas
  • Create New Site Content
  • Optimize Existing Site Copy
  • Implement New or Optimized Copy Onto Site
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Link Building

Building links back to your website is an excellent way to gain credibility with Google, Bing & other search engines. The more links to your site, especially links from websites with high Domain Authorities, helps the search engine distinguish quality and reputable websites amongst the less reputable or spammy sites.

Actively building links to your website is an extremely important strategy for search engine optimization.

Link Building Process:

  • Identify potential link building opportunities on blogs or websites
  • Reach out to opportunities
  • Identify potential unlinked mentions of your website.
  • Identify old urls with link juice
  • Identify potential 301 redirects to pass link juice
  • Competitor analysis for links
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