Six Digital Marketing Trends Worth Paying Attention to in 2018

We live in a revolutionary and fascinating time for marketing.  Those days are long gone when newspaper ads were the only means of getting your word out there. The marketing landscape is improving at the same pace as technology, and we are being introduced to new marketing methods every day. Here are six marketing trends that you should pay attention to this year.

Creative Visual Content

The use of visual content has been around for years now but, visual content is hardly enough in this advancing age. Creativity is the name of the game. The web is loaded with visual advertisements which are getting boring and annoying simultaneously. In such a market your creativity is what makes you stand out. You should design creative and unique logos, Infographics, animations and you should have a very inviting web interface. Did you know? Visual content is processed 60,000 times quicker than ordinary text. So, invest in the creative visual advertisement if you desire to compete in the market.

Influential Marketing Ambassadors

The people who appear in your marketing videos or photographs are the face of your company. They are the people who interact with the customers so; it is necessary that these people are influential and can attract a broader audience. Getting Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat Vloggers to advertise for you can be very beneficial as they have hundreds and thousands of followers and most importantly they have the trust of their viewers.

Advertising Through Apps and Games

This trend has been increasing rapidly since last year. You may have noticed that while playing certain games on your phones you can get some paid content such as game currency or other in-game incentives for watching an advertisement video. This is a great technique to get people to pay attention to your ads. The best thing is that people don’t get annoyed by these ads as they are getting something in return for watching these ads.

Online Compatibility

Online shopping has been around for a while, but now with the increased access to online markets, the business of people who don’t have online compatibility is negatively affected. Having a creative and appealing website where customers can buy your product at their homes is extremely necessary for the current age.

Mobile Compatibility

The use of mobile phones over desktop devices has increased dramatically in the last few years, and it is not showing any signs of stopping. According to statistics, more than 60 percent of Google search requests come from mobile devices. Hence, the mobile compatibility of your web interface is critical. You can also have an app developed for online sale.

Interactive Advertisement

Customer and provider interaction is the primary purpose of advertising and creating interactive content is a great way to gain the customers attention. Online games, contests, interactive videos, and quizzes are some of the best interactive advertisement methods. The interactive advertisement also promotes and improves the trust of your customers in your products and can result in a larger customer base.

Shawn Marshall

Shawn Marshall is a parent of two little girls. He is a digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. He regularly shares his bright ideas on