The Only Thing a Gamer Wants this Christmas

Christmas is coming up fast. The time for giving presents is nearly upon us along with the anxiety of buying the right gifts for the people you love. If you have a gamer friend who you want to surprise, then it can be hard to work out what they might like. Technology moves fast and games that were interesting last year may no longer be popular now.

For computer gamers, there is a wide choice of things that you can buy. Unlike consoles, computers have a lot of peripheral devices that you can plug into them and a wide range of software that they can run. If you really want to make the gamer in your life happy though then the best thing that you can get them is a new gaming mouse. And the best mouse that you can get is a Razer gaming mouse.

Razer has a solid reputation for creating highly desirable products. Their attention to quality and style means that their products are always valued by the people who own them. This usually means that a Razer product is the only thing a gamer wants this Christmas, other than more games to play. You can check out their site here:

There are several good offerings for Razer gaming mice now. Here are a few that you might consider buying as a present.

1. Razer Deathadder Elite

The Razer Deathadder Elite is considered by many to be the best gaming mouse for shooters. So if that gamer you need a gift for is partial to first or third-person shooter video games then this might be the mouse to get them.

The Deathadder Elite has a sixteen thousand DPI optical sensor for high precision gaming. You can adjust its DPI sensitivity with dedicated buttons. These can also be programmed for use in-game if you don’t need to adjust the sensitivity on the fly. The mouse comes with internal programmable colored lighting that can be set via Chroma RGB color profiles. You can set up a few different profiles for day and night use and change between them when needed.

The mouse comes with durable mechanical switches for its buttons that are guaranteed for up to fifty million clicks’ worth of use. The rubberized scroll-wheel has ridging that improves your finger grip as you switch between weapons or scroll down a page. The seven programmable buttons on the mouse are great for assigning actions to in a game too. This can really help when you need to switch to a different weapon or option and don’t want to be limited to the keyboard keys.

2. Razer Naga Hex V2

The Razer Naga Hex V2 is another mouse that would make a good present for a gamer. This mouse was specifically designed for MOBA games, so if the gamer in your life is into one of the many MOBAs that are popular now then they will love receiving this as a gift.

The mouse features a circular arrangement of seven programmable keys on the side that are ergonomically designed to prevent clicking on the wrong button. This can save some embarrassing mistakes in-game. Having easy access to these buttons means having fast access to character skills and abilities, and this can really make a difference during gameplay.

This mouse also comes with a grip that is designed for long-term comfort. That can be very handy for extended gaming. If you’re waggling that mouse around for hours on end you need it to put as little strain on your hand as possible.

3. Razer Lancehead TE

If your gamer gift recipient is left-handed then the Razer Lancehead TE ambidextrous gaming mouse might be an in-game lifesaver for them. It is designed to be used by both right and left-handed gamers with matching programmable buttons on each side. The mouse has eight programmable buttons in total, so it can be set up for easy access to a variety of in-game functions. The Razer Lancehead TE has similar features to the Deathadder Elite with similar attention to quality.

Razer gaming mice make great presents for gamers and are also a good choice for general use computing. They may be the only thing a gamer wants this Christmas, but they also make a good gift for non-gamers who need a higher quality mouse that they can rely on. And they look great too. So, if you are hard-pressed to find a present for a gamer or for anyone else who uses a computer regularly then look at these stylish gaming mice. They may be just what you need to fill up a Christmas stocking and make a gamer happy.