What is Link Building for SEO?

Build a list of potential Inbound Links

Link building is the process of reaching out to external websites to link back to a page or post on your website. After on-site SEO is complete and the site has a sufficient amount of valuable keyword targeted content, I begin to research potential guest posting opportunities using online tools like Buzz Sumo, Majestic SEO, and Google. The idea is to browse through keywords and identify any articles, blogs, websites or writers who are within the niche and offer guest posting opportunities or (if it’s a writer) they have written influential content about the topic. Begin to compile and excel/sheets document with the website URL of the potential link building opportunity, the contact email/name/phone number and domain authority (not necessary but I like to keep track).

Research blog topics for each link building opportunity

Each potential link building blog or website is unique, the content should be unique too! I like to add a column (to the excel/sheets doc with potential link building opportunities) to list blog post ideas or topics for each website. Never send the same article to more than one website, this will not help your websites SEO!

Remember earlier when I suggested Buzz Sumo? This is a great resource to use when thinking up blog topics because it will show you the number of Facebook Shares, Twitter Retweets, Email shares, etc. If a blog post on a certain topic was successful, perhaps you can consider that topic for your unique post.

Reaching out to potential link building Opportunities

Reaching out to potential link building opportunities is the most important part of the process! Typically, I will use an email provided to me by the client, if not, a standard Gmail account will do.

Try to keep the email professional yet simple and personalized. I’ve seen great success in link building campaigns when I simply state my intentions, for example, here is a link building email template:

Hello there!

My name is First & Last Name from Company Name, Company Description! I stumbled upon your link building blog post and absolutely loved your suggestion to use Google Search Queries to find websites with a “Write For Us” page! What a simple way to find websites offering guest posts!

I would love to write a guest blog post for your website in exchange for a link back to my website, would you consider any of the following topics?

  • Successful Keyword Research for SEO
  • How to Rank #1 on Google
  • Optimizing Mobile Website SEO

We’d also consider any topics you suggest and can adapt to any writing style.

Thanks a bunch!


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