Why is Content Important for SEO?

SEO Content

Writing quality content is, in my opinion, the most essential SEO strategy for ranking higher on search engines, like Google. Simply, without content on the page, the search engine won’t rank your page as high as a competing website with content. This is especially true if the competing website has search engine optimized content. To avoid this, the best practice is to write quality content based on a few specific keywords and support the content on the page with a unique and well-written title tag, meta description, and H1 tag.

For new copy, it’s best to begin with keyword research. Perhaps you are a digital marketing agency who would like to create a page based on writing quality content for SEO purposes. Compile a list of related keywords and take monthly traffic volume and difficulty into consideration. Look for the hidden gems, keywords with low difficulty and high traffic volume, these are the keywords you should try to target.

For existing copy, use a keyword density tool¬†and analyze the page to see what words appear the most times. This will give you an idea of what keywords are already targeted within the copy. I like to copy & paste the content on the page into a word processor and turn on “track changes” allowing you to see any edits you make. Then you can begin to inject keywords into the copy based of research, where you see fit.

Location Based Pages

Ideally, every page should have content on it, from the homepage to any service page. The beauty of having content on the page is that it can be target based on the keywords you would like that page to rank for.

One strategy I really like to use for local businesses is to develop landing pages based on cities or towns they are trying to target. If you are a local digital marketing agency and your interested in working with clients in New Haven, Connecticut, why not create a landing page which specifically targets, “New Haven Connecticut Digital Marketing Agency” or “SEO Agency in New Haven, CT” The content can contain the services you offer but when you added a location to the page, you will rank higher in those specific areas.

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